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Answer 7 Questions For More Sales

Customers make purchases so that they get something that is more valuable to them than the money they use to pay for it. A good sales person needs to assure a prospect of getting that value by answering 7 important questions.

The prospective buyer will not particularly ask these questions but in their mind they need to be assured of the answers.

1. Exactly What Are You Proposing?
Prospects won't buy unless they know exactly what you're offering them. Make sure your proposition is simple and easy to understand.  

2. What's In It For Me?  Tell prospects how they will benefit by using your product or service. Describe in detail how their life will improve if they buy what you're selling - and why it's worth the price. Prospective customers don't really care about you or your company. They only care about how they can personally benefit.

3. How Fast Can I Get It? The faster you can deliver your product or service the more sales you'll get. Consider offering an option for overnight delivery if you sell something that cannot be delivered immediately after being purchased. Oftentimes that option alone will increase sales.  

4. Why Should I Believe You? A prospective customer will not buy from you until you remove all doubt in his or her mind that you can and will deliver exactly what you promise. Testimonials are a powerful tool in order to establish trust. They provide proof you've already delivered satisfaction to other customers.

5. What If I Don't Like It? People are reluctant to risk the chance of not getting what they expect after buying your product or service. Offer a great guarantee and make sure you can afford to back it up. An unconditional, money back guarantee will produce the most sales because it completely eliminates all of the customer's risk. State your guarantee prominently and in detail and be clear about any conditions that apply.

6. How Do I Get It? Did you ever walk out of a store empty handed instead of waiting in a long line for somebody to take your money?
It's a total waste to lose sales from ready buyers because the buying process is too complicated or lengthy. Make sure your buying process is simple, easy and fast whether its on the web, in person, or over the phone.

7. Is My Decision To Buy A Good One? Usually a decision to buy something is an emotional one. Afterwards a prospect will look for logical reasons to prove to themselves that their decision was a wise one. That's the time for you to talk about how long you've been in business, how experienced you are or how much research went into developing your product or service. It provides the logical reasons your customer needs to justify their emotional decision.

Take some time now to review your sales process. Do the tools you use to make sales, answer all of these questions? If not, revise them so they do and you'll see an immediate increase in the number of sales you get.

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