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Basic Web Design Package

Maybe you don't want a custom designed website but you do want to be on the web and be able to take advantage of the business it may bring you. Websites give your business an opportunity to develop leads and make sales 24 hours a day. Research shows that businesses who have websites can increase market share by over 200%.

Your website will influence how people perceive you and your company. A well designed Web site increases your credibility, makes it easier for potential customers to learn about the products and services you offer and may allow you to sell directly on the Internet.

Your basic package five page website would include a home page and several other pages outlining your business and a list of products and services it provides. It also has a place for you to be contacted via email as well as your business contact details.

With added visual information and images of your company, the Web Basic website would suit any type of business that is wishing to generate additional business on a limited budget.
Our basic web design package would put you up and running on the internet in a matter of days and would include the following:

  • Your choice of one of our designed web templates. Content to be supplied by you but Creative Business Works will enter all data and information into the site and publish it to the internet.

  • Your website hosted for a period of 6 months. After that time you could be re-billed at a cost of $50.00 for additional six months or if you preferred you can transfer it to your own host.

  • Website would be optimized for keyword phrases of your choice in order to rank better in the search engines.

  • Domain name of your choice for the period of one year.

  • Copies of all files for your website will be supplied to you.

Creative Business Works can create a website for your company that can fit your budget and give you a presence on the internet that you can be proud of. Should you choose to use our services you would be asked to complete a design interview sheet and after a telephone consultation, we will design and develop a Web site for you. We can also provide marketing solutions to fit your needs, allowing you to increase your double or even triple your sales.


Why Should You Have A Website?

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