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Top Ten Solutions To Increase Web Hits:

1) Web Search Engines -  Use the most popular web search engines to get your site the most web hits.

2) Testimonials On Site If your site is doing the right things, you will almost certainly begin to receive at least a few e-mails from web visitors saying how much they like it.  Post some of these testimonials on your site. Testimonials show you have an appreciative audience, which may in turn cause other visitors to take a closer look at your site. Be sure to choose your testimonials carefully and place them in a few, but prominent, places on your site and be sure to ask permission from the person who sent the e-mail before you place it on your site. Also, if you receive any industry awards or other accolades, it is worth highlighting this on your site, together with some background information on the award. 

3) Increase Web Popularity - Link popularity is the total number of Web sites that link to your URL.  Increasing your link popularity can dramatically improve your search engine rankings. Most search engines use link popularity as a factor in determining your placement on their search results page. The theory is that if other sites feel your site is worthy of a link, then it must be of higher quality than sites that have few or no inward links.  Simply put, if you can convince other sites to link to you, you will generate more traffic -- from both the linking sites and the search engines


4) Add Web Address To Employees E-mail Signatures - Most e-mail programs allow you to easily set up a "signature" file that is added to the bottom of every message you send.

5) Let Everyone Know About Your Web Site - You can put your website address on all printed materials to make your company name more powerful and profitable. The web site address is very important to company branding and should be added to all letterhead, business cards, brochures and promotion materials.

6) Monitor Web Traffic - Analysis of your Web site traffic should be an important part of your Web site continuous improvement program. Your Web host should provide a Web site traffic analysis package as part of its service.  Monitor such things as:

         Number of Page Views - How much of your site is looked at?

         Most Visited Pages - Which pages are most popular

         Time Spent On Each Page - How long does your site keep visitors

         Top Entry Page - Which page do most visitors enter your site from?

         Top Exit Page - Which page do most visitors leave from?

         Key Words Used In Search Engines - What meta tags bring visitors
             to your site?

         Top Referring URL's - Which sites are referring you the most?

7) Create Newsletters - A great way to get users to return to your site is to publish a regular e-newsletter. Your e-newsletter should contain something to prompt the user to respond - special offers, contests, and notification of site updates are all good ways to get visitors to return to your siteYou should write your e-newsletter in summary form, with each separate section containing a link back to more detailed information on your site   Also include instructions at the bottom of your e-mail newsletter on how to unsubscribe from your mailing list. If you use a list server program, you can automate the entire process of subscribing and un-subscribing. Your Web host should be able to provide you with a list server program to help you set up and maintain your mailing list.

8) Implement Customer Loyalty Programs - Give your customers something for staying your customer such as specials or bonuses for returning customers.  It is much easier and less costly to keep customers then to attract new ones.

9) Develop An Incentive To Attract Visitors - Many businesses find it difficult to give something away free of charge. On the web, however, businesses are expected to offer a bonus of some sort, be it free e-mail, free sample reports, or free gift wrapping and greeting cards. To figure out what part of your business you can afford to give away, consider these questions:

Will the bonus attract customers to your site?

Will the bonus entice people to buy a 'high-margin' product
or service from you?

Will the bonus bind the customer to you for the long-run?

Will the bonus encourage people to tell others about your site?

In answering these questions, you will soon realize it does not matter whether the bonus is a physical, or virtual, product or service. The most important thing is the bonus needs to complement your main offering and be more than a gimmick - it must be a valuable part of your business.

10) Setup An Affiliate Program - Pay commission to refer to your web site.  You can set it up yourself or have a service set it up and implement it for you.

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