Writing Good Ads

Here are five ways to start your ad.  Use these simple time-saving formulas to get a great ad going.  These are the exact same tricks top professional copy writers have used for decades, even for million-dollar ad campaigns.

1.  Start with the word FREE!  It's the most popular word in advertising--because it works.  FREE trial consultations, FREE samples, and FREE limited-time offers all get attention and get your ad rolling.

2.  Start with the word NEW!  Announce a new product, service, or idea.  NEW tables just in, NEW opportunity to make money, NEW information just developed.

3.  Start with a DO YOU?  DO YOU make enough money, DO YOU get tired of ads? Questions pull the reader into the rest of your ad.  A question makes the reader think the answer.  As subtle as this seems, it's a powerful first step in getting people to think seriously about buying.

4.  Start with $10,000...or any other big amount of money. $10,000 a week for life, $13,000 is what you can save each month, $5,000 off this month only.

5.  Start with "I tried it."  Happy quotes from customers work far better than having the ad copy say the same thing.  "I haven't been sick for years," "I work just 2 hours a week and still earn cash," "I cut expenses in half!"